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The Indiana Repertory Theatre

Indiana Theatre, Indianapolis, in 2010

The Indiana Repertory Theatre is a well-established and renowned group of creatives who inspire to collaborate with the community through their productions. They use theatre to appeal to all age groups and to create a discussion around cultural differences and inclusivity. The actors perform varied works of drama and literature to great acclaim.

Past Productions

Since 1972, the Indiana Repertory Theatre has engaged in many programs covering subjects as diverse as Shakespeare, Victorian fiction, up and coming playwrights, and musicals. The past productions have included Twelve Angry Men, A Christmas Carol, Murder on the Orient Express, Sense and Sensibility and The Diary of Anne Frank.

Opportunities at the Theatre

Other than the performers themselves, many roles within the theatre offer opportunities to get involved. Full-time positions include housekeeping, carpentry, artistry, rigging, and pattern making. The Indiana Repertory Theatre emphasizes the need to have employees with diverse backgrounds. Volunteers are also required when a performance is announced.


For graduate and college students, there is an exciting opportunity to gain some professional experience in the world of theatre. Interns will be directly involved in the different aspects of production, working along with the technicians and artists. The theatre industry is highly competitive, and this intern experience will give an advantage when seeking employment.
The Indiana Repertory Theatre continues to thrive, even in times of difficulty and hardship, through the use of innovative techniques to perform to their audience.


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